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Steam Pro is the leading provider of restaurant vent hood and kitchen equipment cleaning services in the Hampton Roads area

With over 20 years of experience, we keep kitchen exhaust systems grease-free and fire-safe, you can feel confident in our full range of innovative and professional cleaning solutions. Make sure you are on the safe side – not the fire-side – by relying on Steam Pro, because kitchen exhaust cleaning is not a “do it yourself” operation.

Our satisfied hood-cleaning customers include chain and independent restaurants, hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, country clubs, schools and other cafeterias, and food processing and industrial organizations.

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The Steam Pro Experience Services services

Rely on the Steam Pro Experience to clean and refresh the look of your floors, counter tops, showers, patios and foyers. Mopping your floor surface with traditional cleaning products spreads soil around your floor surface, removing only what sticks to your mop or cleaning device.